I forget my password and now?

  • On Login page click Forget your password

  • Send e-mail for you with the code to login

  • Or install PassBrow-Authenticator and make code

I paid FOR EXTENSION, but my account is still a trial account

How do I download the extension log?

  • Option 01: Right-click the PassBrow icon and click the Download log option

  • Option 02: If omnibox is active, type pb log in the address bar and type ENTER

  • Option 03: On Login page (Version 6.7.2 or higher), click Forget your password and then click on Download Log

How long is the extension license valid for?

  • The license is for life, that is, you pay only once for the license and it will be valid forever.

How to get a discount when purchasing a PassBrow license?

  • To get a discount, on the extension's options page, from version 6.8.0, click on "My discounts" and share your private code with your friends. For each friend of yours who use your code when purchasing a license, you get a 10% discount, which can reach 50%, and when you use a friend's code, you get another 5%, so you can earn up to 55% discount on purchase of license through payment by Stripe.

Where can I buy the extension license?

  • Open the extension options page (click on the extension icon in the upper right corner)

  • Then choose one of the available payment options (PicPay, Paypal, etc)

    • NOTE: For payment options to be available, you must first be logged in with your google account in the extension (click on Sign in with Google)