Password for your browser


A extension designed to maintain user privacy through a default password to lock the browser. And with the ability to block any site you want and generate alphanumeric passwords.

PassBrow blocks access to the browser, allowing no access to browser data, bookmarks, settings, internet, etc.

It is very simple to use, just access the extension options and register a new password. After that, you can lock Chrome by reopening the browser, clicking the Lock pop-up button, pressing the shortcut key ctrl+shift+9 or cmd+shift+9,  typing 'pb lock' in the address bar, or accessing the Lock Browser option from the menu of context.

To unlock you can enter your password, use PassBrow-Authenticator or PassBrow-Authenticator-Watch to generate a code. Through PassBrow-Authenticator you can also read the QR Code generated in the extension and the browser will automatically unlock it.

Another very interesting option is to be able to block access to certain sites by accessing browser options and adding to the list the sites you want to block, and also Extension page with password.

Now you can also generate alphanumeric passwords in capital letters and/or lowercase with/no numbers and/or symbols.

available in 7 languages

English [default]

extension USAGE

PassBrow is offered in trial mode, being able to make use of its main functionality (protect the browser with a password) 10 times a day in the free version and unlock using a code generated by the PassBrow-Authenticator app, this option being optional. In its paid version, all features are released, such as blocking using a shortcut, auto blocking after some time, blocking if the browser is inactive, adding blocking or redirection of websites, etc. Payment can be made on the extension's options page, with the options Google Pay (by Stripe), PayPal, PicPay or Stripe, after payment the use is for life.


FREE trial plan

lifetime plan [USD 1.99 or BRL 10.00]

Imagens extension

Lock by Popup
Lock by Omnibox
Login Screen
Login with QR Code
Additional Options
Blocked Sites Options
Password Screen

PassWord Generator

passbrow authenticator

It has no cost, but it has advertisements at the bottom of the app.

NOTE: It is possible to generate 10 codes per day.

authenticator premium

It costs 0.99 USD and its price is lifetime. And you can login by scaning QR Code

NOTE: The browser extension license has nothing to do with the license with this application.

authenticator  watch

It has no cost.                                                     

NOTE: The app will only work with users who have a premium license for the extension.